FRANKFORT, Ky. – “I applaud the administration for this wise and vital investment in job training to support the skilled labor jobs that propel our economy forward, and I appreciate the opportunity given to me and other governors to help shape this initiative based on what we have found to be successful in our states.

Here in Kentucky, we have embraced advanced manufacturing as a key component of our economic development plan, and that requires a workforce which can meet the needs of these businesses. These are good jobs, middle-class jobs that are within reach of many of our workers if they just receive the training they need to perform these specialized tasks.

Apprenticeships are a significant component of our strategy in this and other sectors, and I’m glad to see the administration elevating that effort nationally. Major employers in Kentucky such as UPS, Ford and Toyota will be a part of this work, and we applaud their commitment to growing the next generation of skilled workers.

Partnering with industry, community colleges, unions and training organizations will give this initiative the infrastructure it needs to guarantee that both workers and businesses get the training and support they need for mutual success. This job training and apprenticeship plan will have a transformational effect on our workers pursuing careers in reliable, growing industrial sectors and will strengthen our middle class.” – Governor Steve Beshear




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