FRANKFORT, Ky. (Oct. 25) – Continuing efforts to restrict youth access to alcohol and keep communities safe, enforcement officials from Kentucky’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) conducted a Targeted Enforcement Detail (TED) in areas adjacent to the campus of Western Kentucky University on Saturday, October 20, during the Western Kentucky football game.

 The TED resulted in 40 citations:

·         36 Citations for Minors in Possession of Alcoholic Beverages

·           4 Open Alcoholic Beverage Container in a Motor Vehicle

“The number of citations issued Saturday demonstrates the need for alcohol enforcement strategies. ABC Enforcement prioritizes combating youth access to alcohol, in addition to enforcing all alcohol laws, and will continue to work across Kentucky to maintain compliance with alcohol laws and regulations,” said Josh Crain, Assistant Director of Enforcement.

Targeted Enforcement Detail is a proactive enforcement strategy that not only allows law breakers to be cited, but also help to prevent youth access to alcohol due to the presence of ABC enforcement. The details focus on point of sale, third-party transactions, fraudulent identifications, drug violations, and possession of alcohol by minor violations. TEDs are usually conducted in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies at events where there is a high concentration of minors along with alcohol being sold or consumed.

ABC Investigators focus on alcohol violations freeing other law enforcement agencies to focus on traffic, crowd control and other essential law enforcement duties.

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