The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights today placed a wreath in remembrance of Nelson Mandela on the first floor of the Heyburn Building in Louisville, Ky., at the corner of 4th and Broadway, where the commission’s headquarters is located.

John J. Johnson, executive director of the state human rights commission, said: “Nelson Mandela was a giant of humanity, a person who showed us all how to forgive and to reach out to others and to work for the common good of society. He was an inspiration to all humankind and very much to people who work in the human rights and justice movements. He refused to give in or give up; he continued to press toward a just and equal society even though he met with more confrontation, perhaps, than anyone in modern history. By his example, he leaves the legacy to all of us to try to do what is right even though we sometimes find it difficult. Sometimes it’s easier just to walk away, and say, ‘I don’t have to fight that battle,’ but Nelson Mandela resisted that and continued to seek justice for all people. His life will remain a beacon of hope to millions of people throughout the world.”




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