FRANKFORT, Ky. (Feb. 14, 2013) – North American Stainless, located in Ghent, Ky., has upgraded its membership in the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection’s (DEP) environmental leadership program, KY EXCEL, to that of a Master member, the program’s highest level. To upgrade to the Master level, a review is done of an applicant’s compliance record for the last three years, and the applicant must commit to perform at least five environmental projects annually.


The five environmental goals chosen by North American Stainless are to install equipment to gain better control and consistency to the melting process and increase efficiency, provide an environmental education opportunity for elementary school children, organize and execute an annual river sweep event in Carrollton, host an e-waste recycling event and minimize trash going to landfills by increasing recycling in the administration building.


“Ever since North American Stainless opened the doors for business in 1992, we have been committed to environmental excellence,” said Cris Fuentes, president of North American Stainless. “The early years were challenging as we were growing exceptionally fast and introducing new programs to an ever-growing workforce. Now, I believe we have achieved a great milestone through the KY EXCEL program by being recognized at the Master Level, the highest level achievable. And though we now sit among the elite environmentally conscious businesses and organizations within the Commonwealth, we continue to strive for new and better ways to protect and enhance the environment through community outreach programs, sustainability projects and waste reduction initiatives. We are proud of our commitment to the environment and the community."


KY EXCEL recognizes public, corporate and private sector organizations that act to improve Kentucky’s diverse and unique environment through environmental leadership.


“The Department for Environmental Protection congratulates North American Stainless for its decision to upgrade its membership in the KY EXCEL program to the Master level,” said Aaron Keatley, deputy commissioner of DEP and acting director of the Division of Compliance Assistance. “North American Stainless was an inaugural member of the KY EXCEL program and its ongoing commitment to performing voluntary environmental projects is commendable.”


Founded in 1990 in Carroll County, North American Stainless (NAS) has undertaken several phases of expansion to become the largest, fully integrated stainless steel producer in the United States. The plant, whose layout was designed for maximum efficiency, is a state-of-the-art production facility on 1,400 acres on the banks of the Ohio River.


NAS produces stainless steel flat and long products from recycled scrap. The company also participates in several environmental community outreach projects that focus on environmental education, waste management and recycling.


Launched by DEP in 2006, KY EXCEL is a voluntary program open to any individual, organization, community or business to improve and protect Kentucky’s environment above and beyond the state’s environmental requirements. To learn more, visit http://dca.ky.gov/kyexcel/ or call the Division of Compliance Assistance toll-free at 800-926-8111.




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