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Scam Alert- Fraudulent Letter to Retirees Claims Auditor of Public Accounts Will Seek Repayment

Tuesday, 09 10, 2013

Kentucky Retirement Systems
Questions call: 1-800-928-4646

Auditor Adam Edelen has alerted law enforcement and the public of a fraudulent letter that is being circulated among retirees.

The letter claims the Auditor’s office has discovered that some 26,000 people were overpaid and that a field agent would contact them for repayment. The letter contains a forged signature of a former Auditor.

The public should be aware that the Auditor’s office has no such findings of overpayment and that no collection of funds would be sought.

It is unclear how many retirees have received the letter.

Recipients of the scam letter should call the Kentucky Attorney General or Kentucky State Police.