How Do I


Apply for State Employment
The Kentucky Personnel Cabinet offers a comprehensive source for finding employment with the state.
Included throughout the site is information on:
  • Finding various job opportunities (merit, non-merit, internships)
  • Salary Schedules
  • Benefits
  • Information on how to apply for jobs
Ask a Librarian
Ask a Librarian is for use by Kentucky State Government employees and staff of Kentucky Public Libraries needing assistance with in-depth research, quick reference, look-ups, lists of sources and information on Kentucky-related topics. All others should contact their local public library.A form will be required to begin any research with KDLA and are available at the link provided.
Browse a Calendar of Events
Kentucky is a state so enriched with interesting history and heritage, music and arts, sports and outdoors, there always seems to be a fun festival celebrating a Kentucky something or somebody. Through the link provided you can search for events by date, category, region or keyword.
Buy Kentucky Agricultural Products
Discover products made in Kentucky, search by item and find where you can buy them.Two stores are available:The KDA Country Store which provides access to food and Kentucky productsThe KDA Farm Store which provides access to livestock, hay, wood products, equipment and services.
Buy Products Made in Kentucky
Shop online for products made in Kentucky.
Contact a State Employee
The Kentucky Phone Directory allows you to search for a state employee by name or by department.  Having the first and last name of the individual will make your search easier.If calling the switchboard at 502-564-3130, for faster response time when requesting State Employee's Telephone Number, please give last name first and first name last.
File a Consumer Complaint
The Attorney General's office provides information on the various complaints related to consumers.  The site provides access to the appropriate forms and the information you will need to properly file a complaint through their office.
File an Insurance Complaint
The Kentucky Department of Insurance allows you to file a complaint about an insurance company online.  Have your insurance company and policy information ready along with a detail description of the complaint.
File my Taxes
Download the forms and instructions you need to file your taxes in Kentucky.  This website will also direct you to e-file and e-payment options.
Find a State Legislator
Find your state Senator or Representative either alphabetically, by district or by county with the Kentucky Legislative Who's Who.  Also look up Kentucky records, bills, and laws.
Find College/University Facts
Research data reports and projections for state post-secondary education.  Access information related to campus crime, degrees, diversity, faculty, and affordability.
Find Court Online Services
Make online payments for court fees and fines, request a criminal record report, view court dockets, get phone numbers and addresses of courts statewide.  Resources for jury duty and Court of Justice employment opportunities are also available.
Find Delinquent Taxpayers
The Department of Revenue's listing of delinquent taxpayers is updated on a weekly basis. The lists include both individuals and businesses.  Also lists exclusions to the list of debtors.
Find Homeland Security
Gives information on how Kentucky's Office of Homeland Security is following their mission: "Lead the Commonwealth's coordination and collaboration efforts with public and private preparedness partners to ensure a Ready and Prepared Kentucky."  Access warrant information, infrastructure protection and community preparedness plans.
Find Information on Employment Standards
The Kentucky Labor Cabinet provides information about the laws and regulations businesses must follow to keep up with state standards.
Such regulations include:
  • minimum wage
  • overtime
  • wage payment
  • child labor
  • wage discrimination
  • equal opportunity laws
Find Kentucky Facts
Interested in the history and traditions of Kentucky?
Find facts about the state's government, capital, towns, lakes and rivers, state parks, and famous Kentuckians.  Even download audio and video files about Kentucky and its attractions.
Find Labor Market Information
Workforce Kentucky provides the latest news on unemployment rates as well as a tour of the current labor market and information on employers, industries, and training programs.
Find Occupational Safety Information
Kentucky OSH Division of Compliance's main objective is to ensure a safe and healthful workplace for the working men and women of the Commonwealth.  Find more information on OSH regulations, standards, education and training, and the new IMPACT vehicle.
Find School Facts
The Kentucky Department of Education provides statistics and pertinent facts about schools and education in Kentucky including racial breakdowns, and attendance and graduation rates.  Resources for new Kentucky residents, report card information, as well as certification, school improvement, and teaching tools.
Find Severe Weather Information
Learn how to plan and prepare for severe weather in Kentucky and keep up with the latest weather news.
Emergency management training and exercises calendar is available along with forms to request, register, and critique training programs.
Find State Symbols
Find all the state symbols, places, and events and read a description of each including when they were adopted.
Find the State Constitution
View a topical outline that breaks the Constitution down into ranges of sections by subject area and is linked to that specific range within the complete listing of sections.
Find Unclaimed Property
Use your name to search if you are the owner of unclaimed property that is being held by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the State Treasurer's Unclaimed Property Fund.  Includes a nationwide search and links to reporting or filing a claim.
Find Wage and Hour Information
Wage and hour regulations including rest periods, lunch breaks, tipped employee, overtime, and record keeping requirements.
Includes links to posters in both Spanish and English for:
  • wage discrimination because of sex
  • Kentucky wage and hour laws
  • Kentucky child labor laws
Find West Nile Virus Information
The West Nile Virus has been around since 1937 and was first reported in the U.S. in 1999. Get general information about the West Nile Virus such as how to prevent it, what the symptoms are, how to get immunizations, and the latest West Nile virus activity in the Kentucky area.
Find Workers Compensation Information
The Department of Worker's Claims website provides an overview of the state's worker's compensation program, a full biography of the commissioner, Dwight T. Lovan, and any link associated with worker's claims you might need.
Get a Highway Map
The transportation cabinet provides a series of maps for any need you might have. Detailed maps of city, county, and highway districts, rural and secondary road maps, and legislature maps are just a few of the options the transportation cabinet provides.
Get a Kentucky Drivers License
Visit the Kentucky transportation cabinet's division of driver licensing website to find what you need to do any of the following:
  • obtain a driver's license
  • review driving laws
  • read revised statutes in Kentucky
  • learn about DUI penalties
  • download driver testing manuals
  • learn about the points system
  • read crash information and statistics
  • check your vision online
  • find information about child I.D.s
Get Business Tax Information
Begin the state tax process by downloading a Kentucky Tax Registration Application.
View PDF files that inform you about the specific taxes in Kentucky that may effect your business as well as find contact information for assistance with tax issues.
Get Homework Help
If you are needing help with your homework about the state of Kentucky, this website can provide information on the environment, state and federal government, and Kentucky courts.
You can also learn statistics and facts about Kentucky.
Get on the "No Call" List
Signing up for the No Call List will put your phone numbers on a National Do Not Call Registry.
If you are already on the registry you can access the link to file a complaint.
Consumer and telemarketer information is also available.
Get Prescription Drug Help
Read a letter from Jack Conway, the Attorney General about Medicare Discount Prescription Cards.
Learn more about identity theft scam artists offering bogus discount cards and find information for what to do if you have been contacted by a bogus company.
Get Tax Forms
Download forms for all your tax needs from the Department of Revenue.
Includes current year forms, prior year forms, and collection forms.
Go to College
KnowHow2GOky is a multiyear, multimedia effort designed to encourage more Kentuckians to plan, enroll and succeed in college.
Take a quiz to see if you are prepared for college.  Find out what you should be doing in your specific school grade or stage in life to be getting ready for college.
Find local resources in your county using the Find Help Near You map.
Homeschool my child
Whether homeschooling or considering homeschooling your children, this website will aid with:
  • FAQs
  • Homeschool requirements
  • Information packets
  • Recognition of credits
Kentucky Business Finder
Kentucky Business Finder is a free resource designed to promote sales for and between Kentucky businesses.  This site lists benefits for both the buyer and seller.
Linked to the Kentucky Procurement Assistance Program for businesses that wish to market their services and products to government agencies.
Kentucky Tourism
From the rolling bluegrass-covered hills of legendary Horse Country and the grandstands of America’s most storied thoroughbred racing tracks to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and world-renowned outdoor adventure, visit Kentucky and experience the unbridled spirit that runs wild in the Bluegrass State.
License my Business
The Kentucky One Stop Business Licensing Program allows users to instantly receive a complete listing of all licenses that could be required at the state level.  Options to register your business in the Commonwealth of Kentucky or get a permit are also available.
This site can be translated into six other languages.
Locate or Expand a Business
The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA) was established within the Cabinet for Economic Development to encourage economic development, business expansion, and job creation by providing financial support through an array of financial assistance and tax credit programs.
Links to any needed paperwork are provided.
Obtain a Notary Application and Handbook
If you need to apply for or renew a notary commission applications are available.
Search for notaries and download the public notary handbook.
Obtain Business Filing Forms
Business Filings has a wide range of forms available to assist in filing with the Secretary of State's office. Use of the following standardized forms expedites the processing of filings.
The following types of forms are available:
  • business filing forms
  • Uniform Commercial Code forms
  • Trademark/Service mark forms
  • business record forms
Obtain my GED
The nationally-recognized GED offers you an opportunity to earn a GED high school diploma. The GED tests ask questions about subjects covered in high school.
Complete your GED in 4 steps this site will lead you through
  1. make sure you qualify
  2. contact your local adult education center
  3. take the test
  4. retrieve your results
Plan a Trip
The Kentucky Department of Travel's Interest Finder is designed to help you quickly find activities you will enjoy by state region.
Find upcoming events, places to stay, maps, adventurous activities, photos and videos, and travel tools to help plan your next trip.
Prevent Child Abuse
Every child deserves a safe, nurturing environment. Participate in preventing Kentucky child abuse by making a donation.
Stay up-to-date with what's going on in the lives of Kentucky's children by signing up for the newsletter.
Find resources, programs, upcoming events, and ways you can participate in advocating for Kentucky's children.
Call 1-800-CHILDREN to learn more.
Register to Vote
Participate in your state's government by voting.  Links to election statistics, results, laws, and an election calendar can be found at this site.
Registration information can be found at this website so you can be prepared for election day.
Have your printer ready to print your voter registration application.
Renew my Vehicle Registration
Access phone numbers for all your car and driving needs from the Transportation Cabinet's Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing.
Get Kentucky vehicle information, title information, a listing of county clerks, insurance reporting plans, and the county clerk newsletter.
Request or Download a Travel Brochure or Highway Map
Request a printed copy of the Kentucky Visitor's Guide and Highway Map or email for bulk orders. An interactive guide can be viewed online.
PDFs are available for Kentucky's Civil Way Heritage Guide and a Kentucky Civil War Map.
Reserve a Room at a State Park
Make on-line reservations at any of Kentucky's 17 resort parks. Lodge, cottage, and campground reservations are available.
Find your favorite of the 32 state parks in Kentucky and search of trials, golf courses, swimming, and group packages.
Buy a Kentucky Unbridled Spirit gift card and give someone the gift a experiencing Kentucky.
Search for Legislation
Use the Kentucky Legistature Search to search
  • Kentucky Revised Statutes
  • Kentucky Administrative Regulations
  • Kentucky Constitution
  • Legislative Records
  • Record Final Action
Have an exact phrase in quotes ready to search to ensure accurate findings.
Search State Jobs
The Kentucky Personnel Cabinet offers a comprehensive source for finding employment with the state.
Contact the help desk or look through and apply for immediate fill classes, interim job opportunities, co-op and intern programs, and career opportunities.
Teacher Certification
For parents- verify the credentials of your child's teachers using the Education Professional Standards Board.
For teachers- find answers to certification questions along with the application forms you need to become certified.
Also find contact information for the EPSB Division of Certification.
Transfer to a Kentucky College or University
Learn what you need to do to transfer to a Kentucky college and continue your education.  Use this website to find a school that is right for you, make a plan, pick a major, and find scholarships.
Links are also available for adults, mentors, and younger students who have college in their future.
View school and district profiles
With 1,243 public schools in the state of Kentucky, it's important you pick the right one. View schools directory, school and district websites, and maps.
Learn about a school's or district's attendance rates, staffing, socio-economic standing and academic performance by reviewing its profile.
A listing and information about non-public schools are also available on this site.