REAL ID to be available for Woodford County residents July 3, 2019

Contact: Christie Edwards, Woodford County Circuit Court Clerk
Phone 859-873-3711,

VERSAILLES, Ky., June 28, 2019 – The wait for Kentucky’s new driver’s license is over for Woodford County. Starting Wednesday, July 3, Woodford County residents can apply for the new Voluntary Travel License or Travel ID. Driver’s license services will be closed at the Woodford County Office of Circuit Court Clerk on Tuesday, July 2, while the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet installs the new equipment. All other services will remain open.

“We’re excited about the new license and ID available under the federal REAL ID Act,” Woodford County Circuit Court Clerk Christie Edwards said. “The Kentucky Association of Circuit Court Clerks encourages everyone to get prepared by visiting and checking their card’s expiration date.

“But do you need to rush in to get a new credential?” she added. “Not necessarily.”

Kentucky residents will only need to upgrade to the Voluntary Travel License or Travel ID if they plan to board a flight within the United States or enter a military base or other restricted federal facility, such as the White House. If they do not plan to do these things, a Standard License or Standard ID will suffice. Standard credentials do not need to be renewed until their printed expiration date and citizens only need to bring in their expiring license or ID to renew.

However, Kentucky residents who plan to board a flight within the United States or enter a military base or other restricted federal facility may upgrade to the federally compliant Voluntary Travel License or Travel ID within six months of their current credential’s expiration date. Cardholders whose expiration is after REAL ID enforcement deadline of Oct. 1, 2020, may upgrade before the 2020 deadline.

Required Documents
Kentucky residents who want to upgrade to the REAL ID will need to bring four documents to the Office of Circuit Court Clerk: proof of identity, proof of Social Security number and two proofs of residence. Proof of identity may be a birth certificate, current passport or permanent resident card. Proof of Social Security number may be an unlaminated Social Security card or a current W-2. Proof of residence may be two of the following: postmarked letters, utility bill, lease, pay slip or voter registration card.

In addition, if your current legal name, date of birth or gender is different from what is displayed on your identity or lawful status document, you must show legal proof of the changes (such as a marriage license). For example, a woman may need to obtain her marriage license to validate the change from the maiden name listed on her birth certificate.

Pursuant to the federal Real ID Act and Kentucky law, the circuit court clerk will be required to scan identifying documents and send them to Frankfort for approval. Applicants will receive a printed temporary license from the circuit court clerk while they wait for approval from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. If approved, the credential will be mailed within 5-10 business days.

“Kentucky’s circuit court clerks respectfully ask our citizens for patience and understanding as we transition to a limited role in this process under federal and state laws,” Edwards said.

About Woodford County Office of Circuit Court Clerk
The Woodford County Office of Circuit Court Clerk is in the Woodford County Courthouse Annex, 130 Court St., Versailles. That office is open 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Friday. The phone number is 859-873-3711.

About Kentucky’s Circuit Court Clerks
Circuit court clerks are elected officials responsible for managing the records of Circuit and District courts. They have offices in all 120 Kentucky counties and serve six-year terms. They operate within the Judicial Branch of state government.




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