Gov. Bevin Releases Statement upon Signing HB 1 into Law

Media Contact: Nicole Burton

FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 24, 2019) – Gov. Matt Bevin joined state legislators and stakeholder groups this afternoon in Frankfort to officially sign into law House Bill 1, which was passed in special session by the General Assembly earlier today.

Gov. Bevin released the following statement regarding HB 1, which delivers vital pension relief and a path forward for Kentucky's regional universities and quasi-governmental agencies, who provide critical services to citizens across the Commonwealth:

“We are grateful for the diligent work of fiscally responsible House and Senate members who came together to pass HB1. I applaud their dedication to delivering much-needed financial relief for Kentucky's quasi-governmental agencies and regional universities. This legislation provides a viable path forward for our mental health agencies, rape crisis centers, local health departments, and other community agencies whose dedicated employees provide critical services to citizens across the Commonwealth. While we have much work yet to do in addressing our $60 billion public pension crisis, HB 1 represents a positive step forward. I am confident that with continued collaboration and hard work, we can save our pension system and preserve it for the thousands of hardworking men and women whose financial futures depend on it.”

To view an archived video link to Gov. Bevin's official bill signing today, click here.