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Contact: Crystal Staley

Kentucky Teachers Named Grand Marshals of Team Kentucky Inauguration Parade

Inauguration honorary chairs announced

Frankfort, Ky. (Nov. 13, 2019) – Gov.-elect Andy Beshear today announced Kentucky teachers will serve as grand marshals of the inauguration parade, which commences Dec. 10 in Frankfort, and named chairs and members of his Team Kentucky inauguration.

“Lt. Gov.-elect Jacqueline Coleman and I are excited to be moving forward, with every Kentucky citizen, as Team Kentucky and we are committed to restoring honesty and decency to Frankfort,” Beshear said. “In my first inauguration announcement, I want to show my appreciation for our public educators, who work tirelessly, every day to improve the lives of our children and lift up our communities, and that is why I am naming them inauguration parade grand marshals.”

“Asking public educators to serve as grand marshals of the inaugural parade is a true honor and tribute to every educator across the Commonwealth who teaches Kentucky’s children,” said President of the Kentucky Education Association Eddie Campbell. “It signals Gov.-elect Beshear’s and Lt. Gov.-elect Coleman’s clear commitment to public education and a renewed respect for Kentucky’s educators, who faced withering attacks from the previous administration. As educators, we look forward to working with the Beshear administration to find solutions to the challenges facing public education and creating a brighter future for Kentucky’s students.”

“Just like my fellow teachers all across the Commonwealth, my heart is absolutely overflowing with pride to learn that Gov.-elect Beshear is making Kentucky’s educators the grand marshals of his inaugural parade,” said President of the Jefferson County Teachers Association Brent McKim. “This is so fitting because Andy Beshear put public education front and center in his campaign, and now he is putting our dedicated public school educators front and center as we celebrate his election.”

Beshear also named honorary inauguration co-chairs that will help lead efforts to unify Kentuckians from every corner of the state. The honorary chairs include Lonnie Ali, of Louisville; Mayor Greg Fischer, of Louisville; Kentucky House Minority Leader Rep. Rocky Adkins, of Sandy Hook; Rep. Patti Minter, of Bowling Green; Mayor Joe Meyer, of Covington; and Jim Gray, former mayor of Lexington.

Lonnie Ali said, “I am excited for the future of Kentucky. Under Gov.-elect Beshear’s leadership, Kentucky can become a model for bipartisan cooperation, where the welfare of the people of Kentucky is the priority; not individual political ambitions and careers.”

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said, “I am very happy to support Gov.-elect Beshear, and as Mayor of Louisville, I look forward to working with him and his administration in a respectful partnership to boost our city and our state. Andy clearly sees our city's value and importance as an economic engine for the state. And he understands that as Louisville succeeds, the Commonwealth succeeds, and as the Commonwealth succeeds, so does our city.”

“Leah and I are honored to be a part of this opportunity, and we look forward to working with Gov.-elect Beshear and others to make this inauguration and his administration a great success. Kentuckians are ready for a governor who will bring people together and move the Commonwealth forward,” said Rep. Rocky Adkins.

Rep. Patti Minter said, “Kentuckians in my district and across the Commonwealth strongly supported Andy Beshear for governor because he has always supported us. I'm honored to serve as co-chair of the inaugural committee for Gov.-elect Beshear, and I'm excited to be part of this historic occasion as he takes his first steps as governor for all Kentuckians.”

“We are proud that Covington is part of the Team Kentucky inauguration,” said Covington Mayor Joe Meyer. “Northern Kentucky will be a full partner in the Beshear administration’s work to improve public education, health care, pensions and infrastructure for all of Kentucky. We’re eager to get started.”

Former Lexington Mayor Jim Gray said, “Kentuckians will benefit from having a governor who respects our rich history and all our citizens, and a governor who knows how to work well with the legislature and others. Andy will be all of that on day one.”

The Beshear-Coleman administration is already at work planning the transition of government and planning to address the issues that Kentucky families care about, like securing good jobs, accessing affordable health care, protecting and funding pensions and supporting public education.

On Nov. 6, at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Beshear made his first transition team announcement, naming Deputy Attorney General J. Michael Brown as his administration’s transition chair.

Tuesday, Beshear unveiled his initial gubernatorial transition website,, where Kentuckians can connect with the transition team and apply to work in the administration.

Additional official transition announcements are expected this week.