Beshear: Text Message Scammers Posing as Law Enforcement Officials

Con artists demand immediate payment, threaten Kentuckians with jail time

FRANKFORT, Ky. (March 2, 2018) – In a new scam alert issued by Attorney General Andy Beshear, Kentuckians are being warned of scammers posing as law enforcement officials demanding payment and threatening arrest via text messages.

Kentuckians in Greenup, Jefferson and Montgomery counties have recently reported losing more than $110,000 after they thought they were sending payment to an official law enforcement agency.

Beshear said Kentuckians are now reporting a number of text messages from con artists identifying themselves as prosecutors or police officers who claim a lawsuit and arrest warrant have been issued and unless Kentuckians call within 30 minutes to make a payment, they will go to jail for six months.

Beshear said the best way to avoid the scam is to know that no law enforcement office would ever send a text message to demand payment or threaten arrest.

"We are constantly working with our many partners to track down and hold accountable anyone who wrongly uses the name of a law enforcement agency to threaten or hurt Kentucky families," Beshear said.    

Beshear said his office launched a direct text messaging and email service, Scam Alerts in 2016. Scam Alerts allows the office to send messages to Kentuckians when new and trending scams are reported in Kentucky. To sign up to receive Scam Alerts, text the words KYOAG Scam to GOV311 (468311), or enroll online at ag.ky.gov/scams.

Beshear issued a Scam Alert in October 2017, to warn Kentuckians of a lottery scam that used the name of the Office of the Attorney General to try and scare Kentuckians into sending money over wire transfer.

Beshear has also warned Kentuckians of other law enforcement impostor scams, including the jury duty scam and sheriff's deputy scams.

To report a scam to the Office of the Attorney General, dial 888-432-9257 or file a consumer complaint online.




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