Jefferson District Court to offer online option for setting up fee payment plans

FRANKFORT, Ky., May 9, 2018 – Individuals who need extra time to pay court fees in Jefferson County traffic cases will soon be able to set up payment plans online and get electronic notification of due dates. A one-year pilot project for these new options will launch Tuesday, May 15.

Payment plans have long been available for prepayable fees associated with speeding tickets and other offenses, but plans must be set up in person at the Jefferson County Hall of Justice in downtown Louisville. Prepayable costs are those that may be paid prior to the scheduled court date for the offense and eliminate the need for a court appearance.  

“I anticipate this being a huge benefit for the citizens of this county,” Jefferson Chief District Judge Anne Haynie said. “The district judges appreciate the Administrative Office of the Courts for giving Jefferson County the opportunity to pilot this program.”

The Jefferson District Court judges, Administrative Office of the Courts, Jefferson County Office of Circuit Court Clerk and Jefferson County Attorney’s Office worked together to plan for the new program.  

“We’re offering another level of convenience with these new options,” AOC Director Laurie K. Dudgeon said. “People who can’t afford to pay their costs in one lump sum have to spend time and money to come to the Hall of Justice to get set up on a payment plan. We want to reduce this burden of coming to court by allowing people to handle the whole process online.”

Under the new program, individuals will go to ePay and select the payment plan option. The fee owed is divided into installment payments over six months, with minimum payments of $25. The program will use a person’s cell phone number and email address to send text and email alerts when payments are due.

Administrative Office of the Courts
The AOC is the operations arm for the state court system and supports the activities of nearly 3,300 employees and 404 elected justices, judges and circuit court clerks. The AOC also executes the Judicial Branch budget.



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