Tax Amnesty Ends Soon

WHAT:   Tax amnesty workers deal with crush of calls as deadline nears
PHOTO OP:   Tax Amnesty workers fielding calls and answering questions from
 delinquent taxpayers
INTERVIEWS:   Tax Amnesty workers plus Finance Secretary Lori Flanery
DATE:   Monday, Nov. 19
TIME:   1:30-2:30 p.m.
WHERE:   Department of Revenue, 501 High Street, Frankfort
CONTACT:   To confirm attendance, please contact Pamela Trautner at
 Pamela.trautner@ky.gov or 502-564-4240 by noon, Friday, Nov. 16

Summary:  Time is running out on Tax Amnesty.  Workers in Frankfort at the Dept. of Revenue are logging extra hours to field a flood of calls from delinquent taxpayers.  This is the first tax amnesty in Kentucky in the past 10 years, so it’s a unique time allowing taxpayers to come clean with the Dept. of Revenue without paying fees or penalties and having the interest cut in half.  Nov. 30 is the last day to apply.  After that, penalties and interest get more severe and collection efforts increase.  Since amnesty began Oct. 1, nearly 25,000 calls have been fielded and more than 10,000 people and companies have made payments.  The number of payments is expected to more than double before the deadline ends raising tens of millions of dollars for the Commonwealth.  

Note: To augment this story, a new TV commercial stressing time is running out is available to download at www.amnesty.ky.gov/tax-amnesty-tv-spot-download-2




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