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  • Government
    • Local
      Find county and city officials, census information and more...
    • State
      The executive, judicial, and legislative branches.
    • Agency Listing
      Find the agency you're looking for
    • Get Involved
      Helping you to understand your government, connect with your elected officials, and participate in the government process.
    • GIS & Maps
      The Division of Geographic Information (DGI) of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Office of Technology, has partnered with multiple geospatial publishers to provide this searchable database.
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    • Federal
      Learn about the government of the United States, including the executive, judicial, and legislative branches. Find an employment opportunity or specific federal agency.
  • Residents
    • For Newcomers
      Explore Kentucky's rich agricultural background; go hunting or fishing in our beautiful parks; help manage our resources and protect our environment.
    • For Current Residents
      Find out information about auto registration, driver licensing, consumer information, public safety and other services and resources for citizens residing in Kentucky.
    • For Seniors
      Information, services, and resources for seniors of the Commonwealth.
    • For Veterans
      Information, services and resources for veterans of the Commonwealth.
  • Education
    • K-12 Education
      Learn about school districts, education options, and find important links to school information.
    • Colleges & Universities
      Locate information about Kentucky's many colleges and universities. Find the financial aid you need for an experience in higher education.
    • Adult Education
      Get your GED, move into postsecondary education and advance your career.
    • Libraries
      Browse the libraries of the state from your computer or find a public library in your area.
    • Student & Parent Resources
      Your first stop for homework help, learning programs and financial aid.
    • Educator Resources
      You’ll find activities, programs and training to help you provide a great education.
  • Business
    • Farms & Agriculture
      Access a variety of information regarding the agricultural industry as a business.
    • Environmental Resources
      Help your business stay green and compliant with environmental data, research, and online services.
    • Tax Information
      Get the business tax forms and information you are looking for.
    • Licensing & Permits
      Get information about renewing your professional license or renew it online where available.
    • Business Resources
      Kentucky is a great place to locate or expand a business; find more information here.
  • Tourism
    • Sites & Attractions
      From the lakes of the West, through the rolling hills of the Bluegrass, You will find art, history, and museums galore in Kentucky. Have fun exploring.
    • Planning Your Trip
      Find help here planning your next trip. If you're not sure what you might want to do next, check out the Interest Finder.
  • Family & Health
    • Children's Services
      Find resources to help you with many of the needs children have ranging from child support to health insurance.
    • Adult & Family Services
      Find links that deal with the health and well-being of children and adults. Included are links for victims of crime and abuse, women's health concerns, and those in need of assistance.
    • Accessibility Services
      Kentucky cares about you. Check here for assistance, educational and employment opportunities, and advocates for your protection.
    • Public Health
      Find the health information and resources you need for Kentuckians of all ages.
    • Assistance Programs
      Find programs and related services in Kentucky that are here to assist you in times of need.
  • Employment