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Kentucky.gov (www.kentucky.gov), the Commonwealth's official Web portal, has provided 24/7 access to state government information and services for Kentucky citizens and businesses since 1998. Recently recognized as one of the best state government websites, the portal offers more than 1,000,000 pages of information and hundreds of interactive services. Kentucky.gov provides a comprehensive, continuous and easy-to-search website designed to give you a centralized place to find and access government information and services.

Kentucky.gov's self-funded business model has allowed the Commonwealth of Kentucky to provide a wealth of eGovernment services without the use of appropriated tax dollars. Kentucky.gov is unique in that it's a model for cooperation. It is a government service administered for the good of the public, while benefiting from the entrepreneurial spirit and efficiencies found in private business - a true Public-Private Partnership.

The Commonwealth contracts with Kentucky Interactive, LLC to host, build, maintain and market the Kentucky.gov portal. Primary funding for the portal comes from the assessment of modest enhanced access fees for a select set of commercially valuable services. Services that serve the public good and are traditionally offered at no cost may also be offered free through the portal.

Kentucky.gov Background

In collaboration with the Commonwealth Office of Technology, Kentucky.gov is responsible for assisting the Commonwealth in exploring and improving citizen and business access to public information.

This partnership was formed to allow Kentucky.gov to work with government entities across the Commonwealth and to bring more services to citizens and businesses, thus providing new and efficient ways for both groups to interact and transact with their state government.

Our goals include expanding the base of users who can access public information as well as increasing the amount and availability of public information and transactions with the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Kentucky.gov works with state government, businesses and Kentucky citizens. We listen to the needs of each group then work with the Commonwealth to develop new applications and transactions to meet those needs.

The Kentucky.gov web portal is a constituent-centric site developed after conducting research and through input from Kentucky government, businesses and citizens. Kentucky.gov is focused on the needs of Kentuckians and the importance of providing information quickly and easily.

Kentucky.gov is a direct indication of the intense commitment of the Commonwealth's governing leaders to provide information in a streamlined, intention driven format, in addition to showcasing the many services available to the people of Kentucky.

Business Model

The Commonwealth of Kentucky, contracts with Kentucky Interactive, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NIC Inc. for its web development, maintenance, hosting and marketing.

NIC, a leading eGovernment solutions provider, has similar agreements with 20 other states, including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Vermont.

The portal funding model is unique in that it is self-funded. Primary funding for the portal comes from the assessment of modest enhanced access fees for a select set of commercially valuable information and services.

New and enhanced eGovernment applications and services for business and individuals are funded through the use of the portal's transaction-based online services rather than from appropriated funds. The enhanced access fees fund and breathe life into Kentucky.gov and the eGovernment initiatives of the Commonwealth, while allowing a return on the investments made by Kentucky Interactive. In this way, zero taxpayer appropriations are used to build, maintain or enhance Kentucky.gov.

Kentucky.gov has not replaced the traditional means of obtaining any government records or services. If any record or service is normally available for free, it can continue to be obtained for free through traditional means of service delivery.

Enhanced access fees for online services are established only after extensive marketing research and the approval of the Kentucky.gov governing authority.

Kentucky Interactive/NIC Inc. Background

NIC, Inc (Nasdaq: EGOV) manages more eGovernment services than any provider in the world. The company helps government communicate more effectively with citizens and businesses by putting essential services online. NIC provides eGovernment solutions for more than 2,000 state and local agencies that serve more than 55 million people in the United States. Additional information is available at www.nicusa.com.

NIC's Kentucky Division, Kentucky Interactive LLC, is located in Frankfort, KY and works with many of the Commonwealth's cabinets, agencies, departments, boards and commissions to Web-enable their information services. The Kentucky.gov web portal is a collaborative effort between the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Kentucky Interactive.​

Frequently Answered Questions

Have a question about Kentucky.gov? Perhaps you can locate an answer in the following FAQ's and if not you can always contact us.

What is Kentucky.gov?
Kentucky.gov is the official web portal for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and provides a comprehensive, continuous and easy-to-search website designed to give you a centralized place to find and access government information and services. Kentucky.gov is bringing everyday government to the people of Kentucky via the Internet.
What is a portal?
A portal is an entrance. Kentucky.gov is the Internet gateway or entrance to Kentucky government online.
Many agencies already have websites so why is there a need for a portal?
If citizens always knew which Commonwealth agency offered the services or information they required, a portal might not be as necessary. However, research indicates that most citizens do not always know what agency deals with professional licensing, trademarks, birth certificates, etc. The Kentucky.gov portal provides several search and navigation functions to help someone unfamiliar with government access the information they need.
Who is responsible for developing, maintaining and enhancing Kentucky.gov?
Kentucky Interactive, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NIC Inc., is a private company under contract with the Commonwealth of Kentucky to manage Kentucky.gov and to develop and host websites and eGovernment applications for any public agency within the Commonwealth wanting to work with the portal. State and local government entities are included under this contract because it is an all "agency/enterprise-wide" contract under the self-funded public-private partnership model.
Why was Kentucky Interactive selected by the Commonwealth to manage Kentucky.gov?
Kentucky Interactive was selected through a competitive bid process. Kentucky Interactive's parent company, NIC Inc., has experience managing and developing portals in 16 other states (Kansas, Nebraska, Indiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama and Virginia to name a few). Based on Kentucky Interactive's experience and the proposal submitted to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Kentucky Interactive was awarded the bid and signed a contract on January 30, 2003 to manage Kentucky.gov.
I thought the portal was supposed to be at no new cost to taxpayers. Isn't an enhanced access fee a tax?
No. An enhanced access fee is a voluntary user fee paid by a user who wants the benefit of immediate access to government information or services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The previous manual process will still be available to anyone who does not wish to pay for the added convenience.
Does Kentucky.gov sell repackaged Commonwealth information to a third party?
No. Kentucky.gov will never sell, lease or give information, data, etc. independent of a Commonwealth agency.

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