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Any visitor to can access most information and online services, but some services require registration.

​Any visitor to can access most information and online services, but some services require registration. Other services may be associated with statutory or other requirements, and may be accessed only by subscribers or registered users meeting the requirements.

Registering with is absolutely free and provides you with an opportunity to utilize the growing number of services such as the Commonwealth News Center or Legislative tracking with Bill Watch.

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What is a Registered User?

A registered user meets the requirements to access a particular service or services.  Each user can access services using his or her registered username. There is no annual fee to be a registered user, and the user name does not have to be renewed annually. As a registered user you are able to access free and fee-based services such as the following:


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What is a Subscriber?​

A subscriber meets the requirements to access a particular service, pays an annual fee, and has up to 10 user names associated with their subscriber account. The annual fee for a single subscription is $75, and with it, you get up to 10 user names. If you require more than 10 users, you may purchase additional subscriptions (e.g., one subscription is 10 users, two subscriptions is 20 users) or contact for additional information. A subscription allows you to access all subscription services (except where restricted by statute, policy or law).

Some services have usage fees, and some do not. You are billed monthly for any usage fees that may be associated with the premium service. For your monthly billing, you may choose to receive an invoice, or auto check debit. To learn more how to subscribe to, please click the following link:

Current services available to registered subscribers:

  • Online Vehicle Information System
    Retrieve vehicle, title, and lien information 24/7.
  • Board of Nursing Bulk Nurse Data Service
    Purchase nursing bulk data and be billed for your purchases on a monthly basis.
  • Board of Medicine Bulk Data
    Purchase an entire Physician, Osteopathic​ Physician, and/or Physician Assistants licensee listing or customize it to meet your needs.
  • Board of Pharmacy Bulk Data
    Purchase an entire Pharmacy or Pharmacist licensee listing or customize it to meet your needs.

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