Attorney General Jack Conway today announced that his office and attorneys for John Rosemond, a nationally syndicated columnist, have reached an agreement which requests the dismissal of General Conway from Mr. Rosemond's lawsuit. View a copy of the Agreed Order submitted to federal district court by visiting this link http://goo.gl/iRZWwe .

"I am pleased we were able to quickly resolve this issue," General Conway said. "I did not send the letter that lead to the suit, and I appreciate Mr. Rosemond and his attorney recognizing that the attorney who did send it was acting on behalf of the Kentucky Board of Psychology – not the Office of the Attorney General."

Rosemond was sent a cease and desist letter by the Kentucky Board of Psychology.

In Kentucky, state boards and agencies may hire attorneys from the Office of the Attorney General to serve on an hourly basis as board or agency attorneys. In this capacity, as counsel to the board, an attorney from the Office of the Attorney General sent the cease and desist letter. The attorney sent the letter at the direction of the board and sent the letter as the board's attorney.

Mr. Rosemond filed a lawsuit claiming his First Amendment rights were violated. Rosemond's counsel agreed that the letter was sent by the Office of the Attorney General attorney in his capacity as the board's representative and agreed to dismiss General Conway from the lawsuit.



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