Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky’s Chief Business Official, is reminding entities authorized to transact business in Kentucky that they must file an annual report with the Secretary of State’s office and pay a $15 filing fee no later than July 1, 2013.

Entities that are already registered can immediately obtain pre-populated 2013 annual reports by visiting the Secretary of State’s website. The online reports include information generated from the entities’ previous filings, eliminating the need to enter the same information every year.

Grimes encourages entities to file their reports online. “In 2012, more than 63 percent of annual report filings were completed online, saving both businesses and the state time and money,” said Grimes. Entities may also file and pay in person or via U.S. mail.

More than 60 percent of, or nearly 122,000, entities have already fulfilled the requirement for 2013, with approximately 63 percent filing online. Entities that fail to file their annual reports by July 1 will be listed in bad standing with the office and receive a final 60-day notice. Failure to comply with the 60-day notice results in administrative dissolution of the business entity or revocation of authority to do business in Kentucky.

Grimes is also reissuing a warning about a confusing, official-looking “2013 Annual Minutes Form” businesses may receive from an entity called Corporate Records Service. The form instructs recipients to provide information regarding all shareholders, corporate directors and officers and pay a $125.00 fee. Corporate Records Service is not registered, affiliated or associated with the Secretary of State.

Many businesses received the Corporate Records Service form in February, and a number of entities have reported to the Secretary of State’s Office that they recently received the mailing again. Reports of similar solicitations have surfaced in other states, including Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, New York, Tennessee, Texas and Washington.

“Businesses should exercise caution before providing information or payment to Corporate Records Service, or any other entity that makes misleading requests,” said Grimes.

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