Attorney General Jack Conway announced the implementation today of new regulations for mold remediation companies operating in Kentucky. The regulation completes the implementation of a law designed to better protect consumers who utilize mold removal services.

"The new regulation will help to ensure that consumers are informed about mold and the standards for mold remediation in Kentucky before they hire a mold remediation company," General Conway said. "I believe these new standards are a good first step to increasing consumer protection for households seeking the services of a mold remediation company. I also want to stress to consumers the importance of fixing the water problem that is causing the mold. Without corrective measures, the mold will return."

Some of the protections and requirements of the new mold remediation regulation include:

  • A written mold assessment and remediation plan must be given to the customer before entering into a contract. The plan must include a price estimate, describe the extent of the mold problem and the scope of the work, and explain how the work will be evaluated. It must also state how the source of moisture will be remedied or managed, or that it has not been identified.
  • Other general information must be given to the customer before entering into a contract, about mold, the benefits of using an independent indoor environmental professional, and the source of moisture related to the mold problem.
  • A written contract is required before work begins, and change orders must be signed by the customer if there is additional cost or a substantive change to the plan.
  • Mold contamination must be physically removed and the remediated area must be returned to a clean condition.
  • Any post-remediation verification must be performed by an indoor environmental professional paid directly by and reporting directly to the customer.
  • The mold remediation company must make sure that its employees have training, education, and experience to perform the tasks and use the equipment, tools, and materials that will be used on the project.

The mold remediation law requires all mold remediation companies operating in Kentucky to follow the minimum standards established in the regulation, and allows customers to file complaints with the Attorney General's Office if they believe a mold remediation company is not following those standards. The proposed new regulation was filed after extensive review and discussion with interested mold remediation companies and others.

More information about the new regulation, disclosure forms, and Kentucky's mold remediation law is available at the Attorney General's mold remediation web page at http://ag.ky.gov/civil/consumerprotection/mold.



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