Projects include expansions of Tri-County Alliance Regional Recycling Center, Hugh Sandefur Training Center

HENDERSON, Ky.– Governor Steve Beshear today joined local leaders to announce more than $1.4 million in grant funding for two recycling projects in Henderson County. More than $900,000 will go toward the expansion of the Tri-County Alliance Recycling Center and $500,000 will go to the Hugh Sandefur Training Center to develop a new electronic waste recycling program.

“My administration is constantly looking for methods to be more economically and energy efficient,” said Gov. Beshear. “Both of these projects enhance efficiency by decreasing environmental waste and increasing job opportunities. I applaud the local, state and federal partners who have helped fund these new recycling projects in Henderson County.”

Tri-County Alliance Recycling Center
Combined funding for the Tri-County Alliance Recycling Center includes $800,000 in Multi-County Coal Severance funds, $100,000 in Delta Regional Authority funds and $33,485 in recycling grant dollars through the Energy and Environment Cabinet’s Division of Waste Management Kentucky Pride funds.

The Tri-County Recycling Alliance was founded in 1994 with the goal of reducing the amount of recyclables being dumped in area landfills. The Alliance is comprised of Henderson, Webster and Union counties, and each county currently has its own recycling center that is not performing at full capacity. 

The funding is to construct one large, centralized recycling center that will be able to collect, process and market recyclables for all of the counties in the Alliance. Additionally, the facility will have the capacity to expand to collect recyclables from other counties in the region. The project will decrease the volume of materials entering local landfills, as well as decrease the cost of operating garbage collection and incineration. 

The new 3,000-square-foot recycling center is currently under construction in the city of Henderson in Henderson County. 

Hugh Sandefur Training Center
The Hugh Edward Sandefur Training Center is a nonprofit organization that serves Henderson, Webster, Union and Daviess counties. The center provides employment, employment training, job placement and adult day training services to 130 individuals who have been diagnosed with physical, mental or emotional disabilities.

To resolve its recent financial struggles, the center has worked to develop a new, sustainable business plan. The center has negotiated a partnership with ReWorx of Atlanta to reclaim and recycle electronic waste in western Kentucky and southern Indiana.

The partnership will provide the following:

  • Reduce the illegal dumping of electronic waste in western Kentucky landfills;
  • Retain and grow regional jobs in collection, processing and sorting of electronic waste to prepare for reclamation; and
  • Provide a long-term solution for potential, future operational deficits at the center.

A total of $500,000 in Multi-County Coal Severance funding will go to support the expansion and implementation of the center’s new recycling and reclamation business line.  

“Both of the recycling projects announced today are being implemented with the future in mind” said Department for Local Government Commissioner Tony Wilder. “Each project not only implements environmentally-beneficial recycling practices, but each also has the capacity to expand with the needs of a growing region.” 

“I am pleased that I could help get funding for two such worthwhile projects. ‘Trash’ -- or getting rid of trash -- has become a really big deal in our world,” said Sen. Dorsey Ridley.  “The average person generates over four pounds of trash every day. More than 75 percent of trash could be recycled, but we only recycle about 30 percent of it. Electronic waste contains hazardous materials and, in the U.S. alone, an estimated 70 percent of heavy metals in landfills come from discarded electronics. These two facilities are one way we can be better stewards of our land. Any recycling helps preserve our land.”

“This is great news for Henderson County and surrounding communities as we have strived to make recycling a priority,” said Rep. Gerald Watkins.  “The expansion and new recycling programs will help strengthen our efforts by reusing waste and sending less of it to the landfills which will also enhance our quality of life and protect the environment.” 




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