HENDERSON, Ky. – Audubon State Park’s yearlong celebration of its 75th anniversary continues June 15 with a special presentation on the Civilian Conservation Corp by well-known Atlanta authors Ren and Helen Davis.


The Davis’ 2 p.m. talk at the park will focus on their extensive research, findings and travel to parks constructed under the CCC program across our country, including Audubon, for their newest book, “Our Mark on this Land: A Guide to the Legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps in America’s Parks.” The presentation will be in the museum meeting room.


The CCC was established in 1933 as one of the first initiatives of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration. The purpose of the CCC was to put unemployed young men to work performing conservation and related activities amid the depths of the Great Depression. With unprecedented cooperation among federal agencies, this hugely successful effort became the largest peacetime mobilization in our nation’s history.


Over the nine years that the CCC was in existence, more than 3 million CCC “boys” worked in more than 700 local, state and national parks. They planted millions of trees, erected hundreds of fire towers, restored millions of acres of land, constructed lakes and dams, blazed thousands of miles of trails, built cabins, lodges, shelters and many other structures.


The CCC’s rich legacy is nowhere more visible than in our nation’s parks, where their work placed a distinct and lasting imprint on the land that generations have since come to recognize and appreciate as an inherent part of their outdoor experience. 


The Audubon Museum graces the cover of the Davis’ book, which both celebrates the efforts of the CCC and serves as a guide to the work of the Corps in parks nationwide.


Following the Davis’ program, there will be a tour of the park’s CCC sites.

For additional information call Audubon State Park Staff at

270-827-1893 or email alan.gehret@ky.gov.





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