On December 3, 2012, Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes will conduct a workshop on civic and democratic engagement at the 34th Annual Council on Governmental Ethics Laws (COGEL) Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

“The COGEL Conference is a great opportunity to share ideas and recognize efforts that enhance our democracy, including governmental ethics and elections,” said Grimes. “I look forward to working with individuals from across the country and around the world to confront the trend of declining citizen engagement.”

COGEL is an organization for professionals who are interested in governmental ethics, campaign finance, lobbying laws and freedom of information. Its purpose is to foster open, fair, democratic, ethical and informed governments that are committed to serving their citizens.

COGEL is comprised of government agencies, organizations and individuals from the United States, Canada, South America, and other countries throughout the world. Several Kentucky government agencies, including the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance (KREF), General Assembly, Executive Branch Ethics Commission and Legislative Branch Ethics Commission, are members of COGEL.

Craig Dilger, who is serving his sixth term as chair of KREF, invited Grimes on behalf of COGEL to serve as moderator. Dilger said, “In my role as Chairman of the Registry, and as an active member of COGEL, I recommended Secretary Grimes as a panel moderator, knowing she would bring enthusiasm and expertise to such a role. Her participation on this program will showcase, on a national stage, her dedicated leadership in administering Kentucky’s elections, and I see that as a huge win for Kentucky.”

Additional information about COGEL, including a member directory and Conference agenda, is available online.

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