Kentucky Department of Corrections Director of Personnel Services, Stephanie Appel today announced that Rodney Moore has been promoted to payroll branch manager for the Division of Personnel.

Moore began his DOC career in April 2003 as a correctional officer at Northpoint Training Center (NTC).  He was promoted to sergeant at NTC in January 2007.  In September 2007, he was promoted to lieutenant at Blackburn Correctional Complex.  While in this role, Moore served as a member of the Corrections Emergency Response Team.

Moore’s career in human resources began in 2009 when he assumed the role of human resources administrator institutional at the Frankfort Career Development Center (FCDC).  Moore was responsible for oversight of personnel, payroll and served as the institutional training coordinator for FCDC.  In July 2011, upon the closure of FCDC, Moore was promoted to human resources specialist III in the Payroll Branch. Moore currently serves as the human resources administrator for the Payroll Branch.



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