FRANKFORT, Ky.  - The following meetings have been scheduled in April for agencies within the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet. Those planning to attend meetings should confirm times and dates before traveling. People with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations by contacting the specified staff person.



Work Ready Communities Review Panel

April 3, 2013

10 a.m. – noon, Eastern time

Kentucky Community and Technical College System

300 N. Main St., Versailles, Ky.

Contact: Steve Rosenberg, 502-564-0372


Kentucky State Board for the Certification of Librarians

April 4, 2013

3 - 5 p.m., Eastern time

Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives Board Room

300 Coffee Tree Road, Frankfort, Ky.

Contact: Beth Milburn, 502-564-8300 ext. 219


Kentucky Center for School Safety
Board of Directors

April 9, 2013

4 p.m., Central time

Murray State University,

102 Curris Center, Murray, Ky.

Contact: Nadine Johnson, 1-877-805-4277


Nonformal Environmental Education Certification Advisory Committee

April 17, 2013

9 a.m. – noon, Eastern time

Franklin County Cooperative Extension Office, Meeting room E/F

101 Lakeview Court, Frankfort, Ky.

Contact: Elizabeth Schmitz, 502-564-5937


Kentucky Environmental Education Council Board

April 24, 2013

10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Eastern time

Capitol Education Center

706 Capital Ave. loop, Frankfort, Ky.

Contact: Elizabeth Schmitz, 502-564-5937


Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education

April 24, 2013

10 a.m., Eastern time

Capital Plaza Tower, 3rd floor large conference room

500 Mero St., Frankfort, Ky.

Contact: Steve Wilborn, 502-564-4185


Kentucky Office for the Blind

McDowell Advisory Board

April 25, 2013

2 p.m., Eastern time

Charles McDowell Center

8412 Westport Road, Louisville, Ky.

Contact: Pamela J. Minton, 502-429-4460


Kentucky Office for the Blind

State Rehabilitation Council

April 26, 2013

Committee meeting, 9:30 a.m., Eastern time

General meeting, 10:45 a.m., Eastern time

Charles McDowell Center, 2nd floor auditorium

8412 Westport Road, Louisville, Ky.

Contact: Jennifer Wright, 502-564-4754


Kentucky Authority for Educational Television and

Kentucky Educational Television Foundation Board

April 26, 2013

9:30 a.m., Eastern time

KET Network Center

600 Cooper Drive, Lexington, Ky.

Contact: KET, 859-258-7231


Kentucky Office for the Blind

Blind Vendor Committee

April 27, 2013

9 a.m., Eastern time

Cabinet for Human Resources building, cafeteria

275 E. Main St., Frankfort, Ky.

Contact: Amy Mefford, 502-564-4754


Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

April 27, 2013

10 a.m. – 1 p.m., Central time

Kenlake State Resort Park

542 Kenlake Road, Hardin, Ky.

Contact: Tom Musgrave, 502-573-2604







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