CAMPTON, Ky.  – Torrent Falls Climbing Adventures and its headquarters in the scenic Red River Gorge are offering some special discounts and climbing clinics this spring.


Home to the first via ferrata in the United States, this setup assists climbers through a series of cables, foot rungs and hand rungs. Along with the via ferrata, Torrent Falls also hosts more conventional guided rock climbs and rappelling. 


Visitors who want to try rappelling can take advantage of a monthlong discount on the activity with Torrent Falls. Those booking a guided rappelling trip will receive a 20 percent discount during the month of March.


If you miss out on the March discount, you can still catch April’s discount of 33 percent off guided night climbs on the via ferrata. 


This spring, Torrent Falls is offering two one-day classes for people interested in learning more about rock climbing. There will be a class for both sport and traditional climbing.  Sport and traditional, or “trad,” refers to different styles of climbing.


Nicole Meyer of Torrent Falls explains: “Sport climbing is where permanent anchor points or bolts have already been placed in the rock face and you just clip them as you climb upward.  Traditional or trad climbing is where climbers place their own equipment in the rock face to protect against a fall – then the equipment can be removed once the climb is finished.”


On March 23, Torrent Falls is offering a one-day Sport Climbing Clinic. These classes are good transitions from indoor to outdoor climbing. You will learn knot tying, belaying, lead climbing and cleaning. 


On April 19, Torrent Falls will be offer a one-day Trad Climbing Clinic. Participants will learn the difference between active and passive gear, gear placements, anchor building, knot tying and belaying. 


The cost for each one-day clinic is $80 per person. Reservations are required, as well as a deposit. Each clinic begins at 9 a.m. and lasts six to eight hours.  For more details on each of these clinics, as well as guided climbs and other services offered by Torrent Falls, visit www.torrentfalls.com, or call 606-668-6613. 


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