FRANKFORT, Ky. – “During my entire term as Governor, I have remained steadfast in my support of Kentucky’s important coal and manufacturing industries, and the affordable energy and good jobs they provide the Commonwealth and the nation. That’s why I strongly opposed and will continue to fight the rule the federal government released last year for new power plants, which I believe would decimate Kentucky’s economy. Since then, my administration has worked hard to provide viable alternatives to the Obama administration that recognize the uniqueness of states like Kentucky and provide flexibility to help those states be a part of the solution. I appreciate that the proposed rule regarding existing power plants announced today does recognize that differences do exist among manufacturing states and in states that produce the nation’s energy. However, I am still extremely concerned that it does not provide adequate flexibility or attainable goals. This is a 650-page proposal and my administration will continue our review. We plan on being very active and vocal during the 120-day comment period to ensure Kentucky’s families and businesses are protected. The President’s desire to protect our climate is one that I share, but that desire must be attained while also providing economic security to our families and businesses.”




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