Frankfort, Ky. – The Kentucky Heritage Council/State Historic Preservation Office (KHC) is now accepting grant applications from Kentucky Certified Local Governments, for matching grants for historic preservation activities. Awards are made annually to qualifying projects submitted by participating citywide and county historic preservation commissions.

Kentucky currently has 23 CLG communities. In late 2013, the Heritage Council awarded nine grants totaling $80,000 for preservation-related projects in Bardstown, Bellevue, Campbellsville, Covington, Danville, Dawson Springs, Frankfort, Middlesboro and Shelbyville. Leveraged along with the required local match of at least 40 percent, these grants will generate total investment of $133,333 in these communities. (See below for grant amounts and project descriptions.)

Eligible activities include surveying historic properties or archaeological sites, preparing nominations to the National Register of Historic Places, compiling historic context or thematic studies, creating historic preservation plans, or for professional development, training for historic preservation commissions and planning staff, or public education. Grants cannot be used to acquire or restore historic properties.

Nick Clooney“It is always interesting to see how these grants are being creatively leveraged by communities to broaden their impact,” said Craig Potts, KHC executive director and state historic preservation officer.

Covington and Bellevue partnered to create a nationally award-winning video, narrated by Northern Kentucky personality Nick Clooney, as a way to dispel negative perceptions about preservation and the design review process and emphasize benefits to communities, available at http://vimeo.com/35608673. A subsequent video on architectural styles was also produced with CLG grant assistance and may be viewed at http://vimeo.com/76638467.

CLG designation offers a way for local governments to become involved in a comprehensive approach to historic preservation. In addition to eligibility for grants, benefits of designation include access to technical advice from KHC and the National Park Service. To qualify, local governments must meet five broad standards, including enacting a historic preservation ordinance and appointing a qualified preservation commission or architectural review board.

By federal law, at least 10 percent of Kentucky’s annual apportionment from the federal Historic Preservation Fund must be awarded as preservation grants to CLGs. Grant-funded projects, and qualified professionals engaged in training, must adhere to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

Eligible Certified Local Governments must apply for this next round of grants by Monday, March 3. For information, contact Vicki Birenberg, state CLG program and planning coordinator, at 502-564-7005, ext. 126, or Vicki.Birenberg@ky.gov, or visit www.heritage.ky.gov/mainstreet/clgs/.

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An agency of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, the Kentucky Heritage Council/State Historic Preservation Office is responsible for the identification, protection and preservation of prehistoric resources and historic buildings, sites and cultural resources throughout the Commonwealth, in partnership with other state and federal agencies, local communities and interested citizens. This mission is integral to making communities more livable and has a far-ranging impact on issues as diverse as economic development, heritage tourism, jobs creation, affordable housing, community revitalization, environmental conservation and quality of life. www.heritage.ky.gov

2013 Certified Local Government historic preservation grants

Bardstown – $30,117 ($18,070 with match of $12,047)
To execute several preservation education initiatives, including community outreach, and to provide training for city staff and local governing bodies through the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions.

Bellevue – $8,203 ($4,922 with match of $3,281)
To design and print a brochure with information for property owners in local historic districts, fund a portion of expenses for the annual NKY Restoration Weekend 2014 (presented in partnership with the city of Covington), and provide professional development for city staff.

Campbellsville – $15,028 ($9,017 with match of $6,011)
To design, develop and publish the Campbellsville-Taylor County Historic Sites Booklet for distribution in various locations throughout Taylor County.

Covington – $25,917 ($15,550 with match of $10,367)
To complete the second phase of the Peaselburg neighborhood survey, fund a portion of expenses for the annual NKY Restoration Weekend 2014 (presented in partnership with the city of Bellevue), print and mail a brochure with information for property owners in local historic districts, and provide professional development for staff.

Danville – $4,925 ($2,955 with match of $1,970)
To fund an educational workshop by the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions, for architectural review board members, codes enforcement staff, city officials and community partners, including the Heart of Danville Main Street program and Chamber of Commerce.

Dawson Springs – $15,227 ($9,136 with match of $6,091)
To provide preservation education workshops for city officials, historic preservation district commissioners, property owners, and interested parties in the community.

Frankfort – $11,000 ($6,600 with match of $4,400)
To provide preservation seminars and a one-day field workshop covering the topics of window restoration, energy efficiency for historic buildings, problems with vinyl siding, proper approach to exterior painting, and appropriate additions in historic districts.

Middlesboro – $8,333 ($5,000 with match of $3,333)
To develop a historic preservation plan for the city and assist in reestablishing a historic preservation program.

Shelbyville – $14,583 ($8,750 with match of $5,833)
To update the existing historic resource survey for Shelbyville using RuskinArc, a digital software survey application.



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