Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes today released the 2013 Kentucky Civic Health Assessment at the annual Kentucky Engagement Conference at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond. The assessment follows Grimes' yearlong Civic Health Initiative, a series of 15 data-collecting roundtables held at Kentucky colleges and universities to discuss ways to improve Kentucky's overall civic health.

"Last year, my office released Kentucky's first-ever Civic Health Index showing that civic engagement was generally declining in our Commonwealth," said Grimes. "As Kentucky's chief advocate for civic engagement, I have made reversing that trend a priority. Holding these roundtables across the state was the first step in working toward that goal."

The Civic Health Assessment relays the topics of discussion and solutions identified by the roundtables that evaluated three pillars of civic health in each region – civic engagement, political action, and social connectedness. The panelists and audiences at each roundtable recognized priorities for engaging more Kentuckians in their local communities and regions, most often identifying volunteerism and education as tools for improving engagement.

"I have long said Kentucky is at its best when everyone is engaged. The Civic Health Assessment is a step in the right direction, detailing how we begin to get more Kentuckians involved in their communities, local and state governments, and with each other," Grimes said.

The Civic Health Assessment document is available online at sos.ky.gov/CHA (PDF).

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