State Property and Buildings Commission
March 19, 2013
10:30 a.m.
Room 182, Capitol Annex


1. Call to Order
    A.  Quorum
    B.  Notification of Press

2. Approval of Minutes from Jan. 25, 2013

3. State Property and Buildings Commission Agency Fund Revenue Bonds, Project No. 105
A Resolution of the State Property and Buildings Commission of the Commonwealth of Kentucky authorizing the issuance of Revenue Bonds for the purpose of financing a project; setting forth the terms and conditions upon which said Revenue Bonds are to be issued and providing for a competitive sale thereof; authorizing and ratifying actions of the Commission staff in the structuring, planning and preparation of all documentation for the issuance of said Bonds and in preparing and publishing a Preliminary Official Statement, Official Terms and Conditions of Bond Sale and an Official Bid Form relating to the sale of the Bonds and a final Official Statement to be completed upon the sale of the Bonds; reciting, acknowledging and approving the filing of an application by the Finance and Administration Cabinet of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for Revenue Bonds to finance such project pursuant to Section 56.450 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes; approving a Supplemental Lease of the Project to the Cabinet and the Kentucky River Authority to provide revenues for the amortization of the Bonds; defining and providing for the rights of the owners of the Bonds and providing for the application of the proceeds thereof.  (Resolution 2013-08)

4. Kentucky Housing Corporation, Single Family Housing Revenue Bonds, Series 2013 A 
A Resolution of the State Property And Buildings Commission of the Commonwealth of Kentucky approving the issuance by the Kentucky Housing Corporation of its Housing Bonds in one or more series.
(Resolution 2013-09)

5. Other Business

6. Adjournment




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