Kentucky Correctional Industries (KCI) received a perfect score on its initial accreditation audit. KCI has been working for several months to achieve accreditation from the American Correctional Association (ACA) and this week’s audit and score are the culmination of those efforts.

ACA auditors praised the operation and staff.

“I’m at a loss on recommendations because the industries run so well and the institutions were immaculate,” said Audit Chair Glen Mackenzie. “There is great team work and camaraderie among staff and it is a smooth operation overall.”

KCI is a division of the Kentucky Department of Corrections and operates industries at nearly all of the state prisons. KCI is designed to operate as a self-sustaining business and it employs 691 inmates in jobs such as furniture making, braille transcription and printing. The showroom is open to the public and KCI is allowed to sell goods and services to any government agency, private business or private individual within Kentucky.

Corrections Commissioner LaDonna Thompson called the successful audit “a cornerstone of accomplishing full accreditation for the department” and added KCI’s accreditation “is a tribute to this process.”

“I am thrilled with the perfect score,” said Thompson. “I am not surprised, however, because I had confidence in them and I knew the industries staff would step up to the plate and do a great job.”

The correctional industries audit is a multi-faceted examination of every aspect within the division. It consists of 82 performance-based standards that cover safety, security, expectations of inmates’ behavior and systems accountability to promote efficient operations, inmate programs and treatment, administration and management. The audit process requires constant monitoring and quality control checks. The division will be audited by ACA every three years and undergo an inter-departmental audit every year.



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