Frankfort, KY (August, 2013) – If your last name is “Summer”, there are 978 properties you can search through in our database.  We’ve also got 162 “Hot” properties, 256 that “Sweat” and 451 that are “Cool"! 

So when the dog days of summer start getting you down, just sit down at your computer.  Be a Treasure Finder by going to www.MissingMoney.com and you might be able to find some money where your mouse is.

Always remember if you don’t have access to a computer or the internet, you can call toll free 800-465-4722, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. 

Kentucky State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach serves as custodian of all unclaimed property surrendered to the state that is presumed lost or abandoned. Each year, the Kentucky Treasury returns millions of dollars in unclaimed property to Kentucky residents. 

“Most of the properties are in the form of cash,” Treasurer Hollenbach stated, “from old insurance policies to stocks and bonds to leftover bank accounts.  There are also more than 20-thousand unclaimed items stored in the Treasury vault including a Joe DiMaggio autographed baseball, some silver bullion, jewelry, gold coins and hundreds of military items.”

Through his unclaimed property program, Treasure Finders, Treasurer Hollenbach has returned more than eighty-seven million ($87,000,000) dollars of lost and abandoned property to thousands of Kentuckians and is still in possession of more than four hundred million ($400,000,000) dollars which he hopes to return to its rightful owners. 





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