Little Sandy Correctional Complex in Sandy Hook received a near-perfect audit score on its recent re-accreditation audit with the American Correctional Association (ACA). The prison received a total score of 99.8 percent.

This audit marks the third accreditation in the history of the institution. The prison will receive its re-accreditation award in January during ACA’s conference in Tampa, Florida. The prison has been accredited since 2007.

All the auditors were impressed with the facility and the professionalism of the staff. In announcing the audit scores: 99.7 percent on non-mandatory and 100 percent on mandatory standards, ACA Chairperson Art Beeler said, “the prison looked like it just opened and they shipped in the inmates last week. For a prison over 8 years old it looks and feels brand new.”

Howard Carlton, an ACA auditor and former warden from Tennessee stated that the facility was so impressive he would consider putting in for the warden of the facility if Warden Meko ever retires. Since his retirement, he said this is the only prison that would motivate him to come out of retirement.

“We’re proud of the recognition of a national agency,” said Corrections Commissioner LaDonna H. Thompson. “This outstanding score is an acknowledgement of the excellent work by the Little Sandy Correctional Complex staff. They not only pass these national audits, but consistently receive exceptional results as well.”

When speaking of the audit, Warden Joseph Meko said, “These results demonstrate that LSCC staff have maintained the high standards of excellence and provide the best practices for accountability to the public.”

ACA consists of more than 500 national standards that cover security, operational and programming aspects of a prison and require constant monitoring and quality control checks. Each prison is audited by ACA every three years and has an inter-departmental audit (Program Security Review) every year. Kentucky has been a member of ACA since the early 1980s.



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