The Department of Corrections (DOC) central office received a perfect score today on its initial accreditation audit from the American Correctional Association (ACA).

All DOC state-run institutions, probation and parole districts and the Corrections Training Division previously received ACA accreditation. With Kentucky Correctional Industries receiving a perfect score on their June 18 audit, the accreditation of the central office was the final step in achieving department-wide compliance with all the standards set out by ACA.

ACA auditors interviewed numerous staff, several inmates and closely scrutinized a vast amount of documents. Following the audit they praised the central office operation and all the staff.

“This was an extraordinary effort and it is a sign of experienced leadership within the department,” said Audit Chair Glen McKenzie. “How can you get you any better than 100 percent?”

“I am thrilled with this score. It was a great team effort,” said Corrections Commissioner LaDonna Thompson. “I had no doubt we were doing all the right things in Central Office. To have a national agency recognize the excellence of our staff allows the citizens of the Commonwealth to share in the pride we have in the Department of Corrections.”

The central office audit is a multi-faceted examination of every aspect within the department. It consists of 144 performance-based standards that cover safety, security, expectations of inmates’ behavior and systems accountability to promote efficient operations, inmate programs and treatment, administration and management. The audit process requires constant monitoring and quality control checks. The division will be audited by ACA every three years and undergo an inter-departmental audit every year.

Achieving department wide accreditation makes the Department of Corrections eligible for the ACA’s golden eagle award. Once awarded, Kentucky will be only the second state in the nation to receive the golden eagle award for both the Department of Corrections and the Department of Juvenile Justice.



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