Kentucky Department of Corrections Director of Population Management, James Sweatt today announced that Donna Reed Hester has been promoted to program administrator for the Classification Branch.

Hester began her career with Kentucky state government in October 1998 with the Department of Community Based Services. In May 2001 she transferred to the Department of Corrections as a correctional officer at Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex. In September 2001 she transferred to Luther Luckett Correctional Complex. In November 2001 Hester was promoted to sergeant. She was again promoted to classification and treatment officer I in June 2002 and then to classification and treatment officer II in August 2003. She was promoted to UAI at KCIW in September 2004 and then transferred to CPTU as CUAI in December 2004. Hester was again promoted to CUAII at LSCC in May 2005.



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