Preview of Kentucky Commission on Human Rights Spring Newsletter


This issue is of the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights Newsletter is dedicated to Fair Housing. Among other items within are fair housing-related articles by guest contributors, information about fair housing events, and more.

“Mae Street Kidd: The first bill she sponsored prohibited racial discrimination in housing. After several Kentucky cities passed their own local open-housing legislation in 1966 and 1967, Kidd worked with Senator Georgia Davis Powers and Representative Hughes McGill to introduce the Kentucky Fair Housing Act to the Kentucky General Assembly. The bill passed in 1968, making Kentucky the first Southern state to enact such a law on its own.”



Articles include:Spring 2014 Newsletter.pdf



“Legislation to restore voting rights is perhaps dead,

but only for this session, Keep forging ahead”


“KY Human Rights Rulings on discrimination complaints”


“Regional Fair Housing Events Calendar”


“Lexington Fair Housing Council celebrates 20 years”

By Art Crosby, Guest Contributor

Executive Director

Lexington Fair Housing Council


“Segregated Louisville areas addressed in action plan”

By Cathy Hinko, Guest Contributor

Executive Director

Metro Housing Coalition


“‘Fairness’ in Fair Housing”

By Chris Hartman, Guest Contributor

Director, Fairness Campaign


“Thank you for success of 50th Anniversary March on Frankfort”

By John J. Johnson

Executive Director

Kentucky Commission on Human Rights


“Covington Human Rights to make fair housing recommendations to city”

By John C.K. Fisher

Northern Kentucky Field Supervisor

Kentucky Commission on Human Rights


“Fair Housing strides in KY”

By Juan Peña

Field Supervisor

Kentucky Commission on Human Rights


“Domestic violence victims may enter the ‘Address Confidentiality Program’”


“HUD program to protect women and girls”


“Call for Nominations 2014 KY Civil Rights Hall of Fame”


“UK Civil Rights Hall of Fame Oral History Project”


“Women’s Commission to make documentary, inducts Humphries to KY Women Remembered”



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