FRANKFORT, Ky. – Results of the 2014 Kentucky quota elk hunt drawing will be available online at fw.ky.gov beginning Thursday, May 8.

The Commonwealth Office of Technology recently performed an independent drawing to determine the winners and the type of permit each successful applicant would receive. Kentucky will issue 1,000 general and 10 youth quota elk hunting permits this year.

Applicants must provide their 19-digit confirmation number or their social security number and birth date to see whether they were drawn.

Kentucky has a national reputation for elk hunting because the state maintains the largest herd east of the Rocky Mountains and hunters enjoy high success rates. Nearly 90 percent of hunters with a gun permit for bulls took their elk last season.

Elk hunting in Kentucky continues to draw national and international interest. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources received 69,191 applications from 38,935 people as far away as Hawaii, Vermont, Texas, Alaska, Florida and Canada prior to the April 30 deadline.

            Those drawn for an elk hunt will receive an information packet from the department with a list of guides and tips for selecting a hunting area. The department does not endorse guides or act as a guide service. Hunters are responsible for finding their hunting location.

Kentucky’s elk zone is split into five different areas, including two at-large areas and three limited entry areas (LEAs). To help spread out pressure, the number of hunters on each area is controlled. Hunters have until midnight July 4 to apply for a hunting area. Results will be posted online by July 18.

The department’s website also contains a wealth of information for hunters.

Each area includes public land open for hunting. Since not all public lands have elk, hunters should look up elk harvest results from previous years to help guide their decision on where to apply.

Hunters should note that all or part of two wildlife management areas (WMAs) have been designated as Active Restoration Areas and will be off-limits to elk hunting this year. The areas include all of Fishtrap WMA in Pike County and the southernmost tract of Corrigan WMA in Bell County.



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