We want you to know that Kentucky Retirement Systems is committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of your member data. Over the past several years, KRS has intensified our efforts to safeguard your information, including:

  • Development of policies and processes that protect your personal information as well as the resources that support and house that information.
  • Ensuring the availability and integrity of your data by developing business continuity and disaster recovery plans that will allow us to quickly resume operations in the event of a significant event.
  • Requiring the use of Member IDs in place of Social Security numbers in internal forms and other documentation. We only use your SSN in instances where it is necessary for health insurance purposes or required by the federal government.
  • Investing in mainstream, highly regarded technology solutions that better protect all aspects of your member information.
  • Implementing a new business system, that is heavily influenced in its design by security and data protection principles. You can also securely manage your retirement account. Visit MyRetirement.ky.gov.
  • Employing secure solutions when transmitting data anywhere, such as encrypted email, secure file transfer and encrypted Internet transactions.
  • Securely disposing of information, whether in paper or electronic form, so that your information is protected throughout its useful life-cycle.
  • Our management team has worked to limit the access to your information to only those KRS employees that regularly require access in order to provide high quality services for you.
  • Implementing, monitoring and auditing systems and security processes to ensure that your data is protected.
  • Providing our employees with constant security awareness tips and training to make sure they understand the importance of protecting your information.

KRS continues to lead the way in keeping our members aware of potential threats. In addition to presentations for members and newsletter articles, KRS has taken a very proactive stand on data disclosures by adopting a specific policy to address such issues.

Disclosure policy one-of-a-kind

In 2006, our trustees adopted a disclosure policy that guides us in protecting and revealing potential exposures of your information. While we are not aware of any losses of data that have harmed our members, we are one of the few government agencies in Kentucky with a written, explicit policy that dictates that we notify members in a timely manner when your information may have been exposed.

Making email as safe as it can be

Another way we safeguard your confidential information is by requiring all sensitive email communications from our employers and service providers are sent encrypted through our Secure Email Portal to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of your information and reduce the risk of identity theft and other fraudulent activity. Our web site even includes a reminder on our Contact Page: Do not include sensitive information - especially your SSN!

You'll know if something happens

In the event your personal information is potentially exposed, regardless of who is responsible, KRS makes sure that you know about it. We believe in protecting your information and informing you promptly when there has been a potential breach in that protection.



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