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Deane Mining, LLC Receives Award for Mine Reclamation from Department for Natural Resources

Tuesday, 01 08, 2013

Linda Potter
Paul Rothman

Steve Hohmann, commissioner of the Department for Natural Resources, presented a 2012 Commissioner’s Award of Excellence in Reclamation today to Deane Mining, LLC for outstanding reclamation work on its surface facility (permit 867-0478) located in Letcher County near the community of Mayking. 

While this site was originally issued to CONSOL of Kentucky in 1997, the permit was subsequently transferred to Deane Mining in 2008. The company has successfully established a beneficial post mining land use of “fish and wildlife habitat,” which should prove very useful to wildlife in the local community for many years. The company’s reclamation activity on this 127-acre surface mining operation closely followed a set of vegetation plans that were specifically developed for the site.

The site was nominated by Division of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement (DMRE) Pikeville Regional Office inspection personnel, and selected by Commissioner Hohmann because of the company’s outstanding reclamation work and its commitment to a healthy environment. “As a result of your hard work, this site is an outstanding example of the exceptional reclamation that can be achieved by today’s mining industry,” said Commissioner Hohmann.