FRANKFORT, Ky.  – The Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform, chaired by Lieutenant Governor Jerry Abramson, offered a report of its findings and recommendations to Governor Steve Beshear today.

“I appreciate the hard work and research by the Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform to craft these recommendations to make our tax code fairer, simpler and more responsive to the needs of a 21st century economy,” said Gov. Beshear.  “The task was not easy, and commission members clearly took the work very seriously. I will review this report and will discuss the findings with legislators as we seek ways to make sure our state has the resources it needs to meet the needs of our people."

“As chair of Gov. Beshear’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform, I am confident that the work by our members over the last 11 months will help to align Kentucky’s tax structure with the principles of fairness, economic competitiveness and a 21st Century economy,” said Lt. Gov. Abramson. “Our report is thorough and includes suggested changes to the state tax code that would generate roughly $659 million in new revenue annually once fully implemented. These proposals will also modernize our tax structure, making it fairer for families and businesses. The changes would position Kentucky to create more jobs, further grow our economy and fund many of the services the commission heard were needed all across the Commonwealth. I look forward to working with Gov. Beshear and the leadership in the House and Senate to build a consensus on moving forward with changes to our tax code.”

The report can be found here: 




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