Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes announced today that entities doing business in Kentucky can now access online occupational license tax forms for each Kentucky jurisdiction that imposes such a tax.

“This resource streamlines how businesses interact with government,” said Grimes, “making the occupational license tax process more efficient and effective and Kentucky more business-friendly.”

The new website is the result of bipartisan legislation, HB 277, Grimes supported in 2012. Each taxing jurisdiction in the state prescribes its own forms for businesses to complete in paying occupational license taxes. Businesses that operate in more than one taxing jurisdiction must obtain the correct forms for each jurisdiction and then complete and file multiple documents, which in some instances can cost more than the tax liability itself.

“Centralizing the occupational license tax filings is a commonsense way to combat this problem,” said Grimes. Businesses can find the necessary forms, as well as accompanying ordinances and instructions, via the Secretary of State’s website.




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