Today, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes joined elected officials, business and agricultural leaders, and more than a thousand others as she attended the 50th Annual Kentucky Farm Bureau Country Ham Breakfast held at the State Fair in Louisville.  Each year at the fair, the breakfast serves as the official kick-off of Kentucky Farm Bureau Day which celebrates Kentucky’s deep roots in agriculture.

“The country ham breakfast is a great way to honor the work of Kentucky’s thousands of farmers, landowners, and business owners who are the backbone of Kentucky’s agriculture industry,” said Grimes. “It was a privilege to join in celebrating the Commonwealth’s rich agricultural heritage.”

Kentucky is home to the fifth-highest number of farms of any state in the nation. Grimes has actively worked to support Kentucky’s farmers and agricultural businesses. Earlier this year, she backed HB 141, which created incentives for Kentucky farmers who donate to food banks. The legislation as signed into law, allows farmers who donate their produce, beef, poultry, fish, pork or other edible products to be eligible for state tax credits.

In 2012, Grimes backed legislation creating a new business organization structure under which new agricultural and other businesses could operate. Now, Kentucky law permits the formation of “new generation cooperatives” under the Uniform Limited Cooperative Association Act. The Act promotes rural economic development by combining traditional cooperatives with modern financing mechanisms. Kentucky is only the 12th state to adopt such statutes. 

“Agricultural businesses are vital to our state's economy and employ thousands of Kentuckians. As Kentucky's chief business officer, I believe it is important that these businesses can more easily gain access to the tools and resources they need to succeed and to help our economy grow,” said Grimes.

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