FRANKFORT, Ky.  (July 7, 2013) - Weather conditions are improving across the Commonwealth as heavy rains have slowed, allowing creeks and streams to recede within their banks, according to officials with Kentucky Emergency Management (KYEM). 

There have been no reported injuries, fatalities or requests for state assistance at this time.

A few counties reported a few roads closed due to high water, but most are expected to reopen by the end of today or early Monday.

The National Weather Service still have thunderstorms in the forecast for much of Kentucky over the next several days; some may be capable of producing localized heavy rains.  With the ground already saturated, any additional rain may cause creeks and streams to overflow again. Residents that live or work along waterways should continue to monitor water levels and NOAA weather alert radios for localized flooding notifications.

KYEM has monitored statewide weather conditions for the past several days.  During today's status call of KYEM officials and local partners, no communities are experiencing significant weather-related problems.  All partners remain standing by ready to provide assistance if requested.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) said reservoirs have ample capacity and current levels do not pose any threats. The Kentucky and Green rivers should crest shortly and should not incur major flooding, unless there is additional significant rainfall.  The lower Ohio River will continue to rise as water moves downstream and may continue to rise for the next week to two weeks. Agricultural flooding may occur along the lower Ohio River in western Kentucky.

Visit http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/index.php?wfo=lmk to monitor river and lake levels throughout Kentucky and those interested can sign up for United States Geological Society's Water Alerts. Water Alert is an application that allows you to receive updates at any of the sites where USGS collects real-time water information. Daily or hourly updates are sent via e-mail or text messages when the current conditions meet or surpass a threshold of concern that you choose.  The site to sign up for USGS Water Alert is http://water.usgs.gov/wateralert.

If you know of anyone needing assistance from flooding, please contact your local emergency management director.

If you have any damage to your residence or a business you should document the damage with photos, save any repair receipts and report the damage to your insurance company and county emergency director. A list of all Kentucky County Emergency Management directors, and office telephone numbers, can be found at http://kyem.ky.gov/teams/Pages/countydirectors.aspx .

Should you ever encounter water over a roadway, do not attempt to drive through it. STOP - TURN AROUND - DON'T DROWN!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XMq_FgWxs0

Weather safety tips and statewide weather alerts, by county, can be found on KYEM's website at http://kyem.ky.gov , where you can also follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Weather updates and river levels can be found at http://weather.gov .

Road conditions throughout the commonwealth can be found at http://511.ky.gov or by calling 511.




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