State Property and Buildings Commission
Jan. 25, 2013
2:30 p.m.
Room 182, Capitol Annex, Frankfort


1. Call to Order
    A.  Quorum
    B.  Notification of Press

2. Approval of Minutes from Jan. 14, 2013

3. Overview of the Kentucky Kingdom Project

4. A Resolution of the State Property and Buildings Commission authorizing the use of KRS 56.515
This constitutes authorization from the Finance and Administration Cabinet (“Cabinet”), pursuant to and in accordance with KRS 56.515, to permit the Kentucky State Fair Board (“KSFB”) to have a mortgage placed upon certain real property owned by KSFB and located on Phillips Lane in Jefferson County, Kentucky (the “Property”) for the purpose of securing private financing for the construction of buildings and improvements on the Property.  The Property has previously been operated as the Kentucky Kingdom amusement park (the “Park”), but the Park has not been operated since the 2009 operating season.  (Resolution 2013-06)

5. State Property and Buildings Commission Resolution approving a Multi-party Agreement
A Resolution approving a multi-party agreement which describes the general business terms of the conveyance, reconveyance and leaseback transaction authorized by KRS 56.515, including the right of the State Fair Board to redeem the mortgages (fee and leasehold) to be granted by Kentucky Kingdom, LLLP to secure the construction of the improvements on the property in the custody of the State Fair Board. (Resolution 2013-07)

6. Other Business

7. Adjournment




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