HENDERSON, Ky. – Anyone interested in wildlife and birds will want to attend the Ohio Valley Birding Festival, April 25-27. John James Audubon State Park in Henderson is one of the sponsors and hosts of this annual event.


The festival will feature workshops, hikes and activities for all ages and all levels of interest on birds, birding and bird habitats.  Events are for beginners and experienced birders. This festival is presented by John James Audubon State Park and the Evansville Audubon Society.


Many of the events will be held at the park named after the famous wildlife artist. Trips will be in western Kentucky and southwestern Indiana. For more information about the festival, visit http://www.ohiovalleybirdingfestival.org/


Here are events planned at the state park April 25-27:


  • Birding the Audubon Wetlands – Saturday, April 26, 8-10 a.m.  Preregistration required.

Registration: Julie McDonald at 270-826-2247 or juliea.mcdonald@ky.gov  Program departs from Audubon Museum. Participants should be experienced bird watchers. Walking component is weather-dependent. A new property purchase significantly increased the size of Audubon State Park. Help us identify this bottomland forest property’s bird guests. This property has a heron rookery and an active bald eagle nest. Registration ends April 12


  • Audubon’s Bird Migration Walk  Saturday, April 26, 8:30-10 a.m.  Depart from Audubon Museum.  Species spotted on these hikes include: eastern bluebird, yellow-throated warbler, Baltimore oriole, belted kingfisher, scarlet and summer tanagers, indigo bunting, prothonotary warbler, and white-eyed and red-eyed vireo. 


  • Owl Pellets – Saturday, April 26,  10:30-11:30 a.m.,  Audubon Museum. Owls hunt for many different types of prey.  Discover what critters these nocturnal hunters seek out by dissecting a sterilized owl pellet.


  • Hands-on Bird Banding Workshop – Saturday, April 26,  11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.,  Audubon Museum. Come and help us with an ongoing conservation project as we catch, identify, band, and release birds. This is a great opportunity for spotting early migratory birds and connecting with nature, so brings a camera! 


  • Explore Raptors – Saturday, April 26,  2-3 p.m., Audubon Museum. Using live birds, participants will learn the characteristics of birds of prey, their role in the ecosystem, and how interactions with humans have impacted these majestic creatures.


Contact Julie McDonald at 270-826-2247 or juliea.mcdonald@ky.gov, or visit www.ohiovalleybirdingfestival.org for complete activity details


John James Audubon State Park is the site where Audubon studied and painted birds from 1810-1819. The park is equipped with cottages and a campground, and offers many recreational opportunities, including a nine-hole golf course, six miles of hiking trails, fishing and more. It also has a museum and nature center that interprets Audubon’s life through a collection of his paintings and memorabilia. For more information, visit www.parks.ky.gov or call 1-270-826-2247. 


The park is located on U.S. 41 in the northern outskirts of Henderson, a half-mile south of the U.S. 41 bridge over the Ohio River.





The Kentucky State Park System is composed of 49 state parks plus an interstate park shared with Virginia. The Department of Parks, an agency of the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet, operates 17 resort parks with lodges -- more than any other state. For more information on Kentucky parks, visit our website at http://www.parks.ky.gov



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