FRANKFORT, Ky. -- A water line break during the evening hours on Oct. 20 at the Robert F. Stephens Circuit Courthouse at 120 N. Limestone in Lexington has caused extensive damage to sections of the first, second, third and fourth floors. There was damage only to the Circuit Court building and the District Court building was not affected.

At this point, no scheduled hearings or trials have been canceled, but all Circuit Court events have been relocated. Contact the Fayette County Office of Circuit Court Clerk at 859-246-2228 or 859-246-2141 to learn where the events will take place.

Fayette-Lexington Urban County Government and court officials, the fire marshal and insurance inspectors were on site today to determine the extent of the damage.

Due to outages with the security and fire detection systems, the courthouse will be closed at least through Friday, Oct. 25, but court functions will continue. The Administrative Office of the Courts will release another statement on Oct. 25 indicating when the building will reopen to the public.

“ServPro crews have been at work since late yesterday,” said Laurie K. Dudgeon, director of the AOC. “We cannot conduct a complete damage assessment until the facility is dry.”

The Fayette County Office of Circuit Court Clerk will continue to be fully functional and will operate out of the adjacent District Court building in the interim. “We want to assure the public that there will be no break in service,” said Vincent Riggs, circuit court clerk for Fayette County.

“I want to commend everyone who has helped with this situation today,” said Deputy Chief Justice Mary C. Noble of the Supreme Court of Kentucky. “I especially want to thank the local federal court for allowing us to use their facilities until we can get back into our building. We will reopen the Circuit Court building as soon as it is feasible.”

Administrative Office of the Courts
As the administrative and fiscal agent for the state court system, the AOC oversees the construction and maintenance of court facilities statewide. The AOC also supports the activities of nearly 3,300 Kentucky Court of Justice employees and 403 elected justices, judges and circuit court clerks.



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