Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Sponsors Scholastic 3D Archery Program

FRANKFORT, Ky. (March 7, 2018) — In an effort to grow the number of hunters, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is sponsoring the up-and-coming Scholastic 3D Archery program.

Scholastic archery, founded in 2012 by one of the early leaders of the National Archery in the Schools Program, allows youth through adult competitors to use nearly any type of bow, including hunting bows. This year’s scholastic archery national tournament includes competitors from 22 states.

“Scholastic archery programs bring kids closer to hunting,” said Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Gregory K. Johnson. “This fits well with the department’s ongoing learn-to-hunt programs for the public.”

Scholastic 3D Archery (S3DA) founder Jennie Richardson helped start the wildly successful National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). The school archery program, originally created by Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, has grown to 2.4 million archers worldwide and 142,000 students in the state. Participants shoot target bows.

“At least 85 percent of the kids in the S3DA program also participated in the NASP program,” Richardson explained. “I started S3DA after leaving Kentucky Fish and Wildlife because I sensed a deeper need for a next step initiative to guide students into a program that would lead into a life-long participation in the archery sports.”

Scholastic archery tournaments include indoor and outdoor competitions for elementary through high school students. Parents can join the competitions in the adult challenges.

While youth can shoot a variety of bows, Richardson said, two-thirds of the competitors shoot hunting bows.

“After shooting in our program, our students want to hunt,” Richardson said. “Kentucky Fish and Wildlife has all kinds of programs and support for hunting, so they’re a natural partner with us.”

Scholastic archery also partners with the U.S. Collegiate Archery Association and U.S.A. Archery’s Collegiate Program, helping to provide a pathway to scholarships.

Scholastic 3D Archery’s Indoors National Championship tournament is March 8-9 at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati. For more information about Scholastic 3D Archery, visit their website at www.s3da.org.



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